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Samanuvidhatr is a Sanskrit translation for a Designer

We are dedicated both to the care and conservation of Heritage and the creation of innovative buildings and enhancements. Our focus is on the development, research, documentation, and education of Art, Architecture, and Culture.

Our Mission

Research & Documentation

To undertake activities of research, documentation, training, and awareness of local art and crafts; and in developing the use of indigenous construction materials and techniques.

Conserve & Preserve

To promote and encourage activities related to conservation, preservation, and reconstruction of monuments, precincts, and other historic structures and technological features.

Encourage & Promote

To support and promote cultural activities such as local crafts and architecture. To encourage and facilitate the participation of stakeholders and communities in the conservation of natural, built and intangible heritage.

New Build

Individual and unique new domestic projects in stunning settings with a traditional and contemporary design approach to meet bespoke client briefs and aspirations.

New Projects

Architecture & Culture of Chios, Greece

Traditional Gates